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Shrenkii Caviar - Dauricus

Shrenkii Caviar - Dauricus


The Comptoir du Caviar has selected as partner the Amur farm, the only caviar producer in Yunnan. The breeding is located at altitude, which guarantees a much cooler and much purer water, because it comes directly from the mountains.



Schrenkii X Dauricus caviar is the most used by French chefs. Its color and grain size enhance beautiful plates. We find that it is sufficient on its own! A la royale or on a blini, we love its crunchy and buttery side.

  • INFOS:

    Latin name: Acipenser Schrenkii X Huso Dauricus
    Origin: China
    Grain size: Medium to coarse
    Color: Brown to golden
    Texture: Firm and crunchy
    Aroma: Sweet and subtle

  • Ingredients:

    Sturgeon eggs Hybrid Acipenser Schrenkii and Huso Dauricus, salt, preservative: E285

    This product is not intended for people allergic to the allergens below: Fish and fish products.

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