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Selection of the best Iberian products

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Selection and sale of Iberian products for gastronomic professionals since 2015.

For the first time, we are offering you access to these products at preferential rates, with home delivery or pick-up.

professional supplier
catering since 2015
professional supplier
catering since 2015



Importer and distributor of Iberian products for gastronomic professionals.

Selection of gourmet products directly from producers.

Bellota pata negra ham, paleta, pluma and Iberian bellota cold cuts: lomo, lomito, chorizo, salsichon ...

Iberian specialties: cecina de Leon, serrano, octopus, anchovies and Cantabrian tuna, olive oil, Manchego cheese ...

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Discover our specialties and enjoy!

À propos
"Of all the passions, the only truly respectable one seems to me to be gluttony" "

- Guy de Maupassant -

our Bellota Ham


From the famous Iberian pig called "pata negra".
The pigs are raised in the wilderness in the "dehesa", rich in oaks producing the essential acorns to give this extraordinary ham its unique taste.
The unique climate of this region favors an artisanal refining, totally natural, in cellars where only the hand of man intervenes to control and master this long process.
The result: a very fragrant, smooth ham with a rare aromatic intensity.

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